Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Robert Sherman on "Moose"

I sent a note to Robert Sherman, son of the late (and greatly missed) Robert Sherman, one of the amazing Sherman Brothers, Who shared their music with us in many a film, and are my favorite composers. I asked about his father's book, "Moose" Which I thought had been released, but could not find. Here is his response...

I love the sharing on this page. Thank You so much! Will his book Moose be available soon? I would love to read it!
  • Thank you Carla. The text of the book was finished a year ago. It's even gone through several stages of copy editing (with my Dad's oversight). It's only the photograph pages that my father wanted (very much) to be done, which I'm compl...eting now. (He wanted LOTS of pictures in the book, and that's what I'm aiming to deliver.) I thought that putting in the photographic pages would be a job that would take only a few days to complete (back in 2010) and it's been instead taken many months to do and I've still got a ways to go. It's a bit of an emotional task putting this together now, as you might imagine. But "Moose" IS moving forward. I will make an announcement on this page, once there's real news to report. It is a regret of mine that my Dad's book didn't come out while he was alive, but personal regrets aside, "Moose" will be released this year, all things being equal. Thank you again for your interest!
  • Carla Wolf Thank You Robert! I can only imagine how emotional all of this is for you...We will be here whenever you are ready to share it with us:)

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