Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Hello All! We decided to do a blog about our visit to the Comic Con Revolution at the Ontario Convention Center this past weekend. We originally planned on Sunday only, but.....
 I am so glad my wife entered a Facebook contest on the Inland Empire Explorer page, She was one of the people to win a weekend pass to the Comic-Con Revolution. A Shout out to host Joel Greene for the chance to experience this amazing event! (We love the IE Explorer page! check them out for fun places to go and places to eat!)
 I would also like to thank our friend/Uber driver, Alan Thompson Jr.
Here he is posing with Eleven from Stranger Things! 
We are a Disney blog, but we decided to expand our horizons a bit. Comics, cosplay, and cars. Of course with Marvel and Star Wars coming to the Disney Universe, it is a natural fit! To our surprise there was even a couple of star cars to check out. I have always wanted to see "Herbie" The Love Bug. My dream came true on Saturday and next to the Herbie Rides Again car was a Time Machine.. Yes The Back to the Future Star Car DMC Delorean was out front as well. all decked out.

Great Scott!! Is that Doc Brown?

Once we entered the convention center we were greeted by "Jetpack Jules" she was the mascot of this year's Con.


At first when we asked her for a picture, I thought she was the new Rocketeer from the upcoming movie, as she was sporting a single rocket engine on her back, but she told me "No, I am the mascot "Jetpack Jules""
This is the second year that Ontario has hosted this Comic-Con by Atomic Crush. There were many Artists, Writers and Actors showing off their artwork, or their Cosplay characters. Everyone was so nice and there were many booths to visit where you could get your favorite comic books and have the people who made them autograph them for you.
Sorry about the flash.

Writer Aaron Sparrow autographed the Dark Wing Duck comic book for us.

Thank you for the autograph.

This Con had everything you would need to create your own Cosplay. I was wondering, what does Cosplay mean? And where did it come from? I asked a couple of fans at a lunch table and they told me, that it originated in Japan as they would make costumes from their favorite Anime characters. so Cos = costume and play was playing the character.
I want to thank all the great people who let us take pictures of their awesome creations. You could see everything from Star Wars to Up and age did not matter, or gender. I think I will make this a two part blog as there are so many great photos. So here is Saturday. Please remember, you can click on the photos for larger pictures.

The Crow

Bad and Good

Toys, Comic books, Buyers and Vendors

Independent labels
I will include websites at the bottom of the page.
Artwork such as the Hitchhiking Ghosts

Star Wars action art.

We met up with some of our friends that we met at the Mad T Party

Brianna Garcia's Art was amazing, We had to buy a few pictures.

Another friend we know from Anaheim. She has several amazing Cosplay Characters and they are so cool. Bri-Firefly as Joseph Seed from Far Cry 5.

Another friend  Russell Nohelty brought his books.
Lando Star Wars

I am satisfied with my care!  Bay-Max was there wearing his Mickey Mouse Shoes.



The Flash!

My wife is so lucky, I stepped away to talk to the KISS band and these two people from Medieval Times gifted Carla a Dinner and show for two. Thanks.

These were a few of the Celebrity guests You may know Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman animated series.

Hawk-Man, his costume had working expanding wings and a animated hawk on his shoulder.
If you are looking for a kilt? then Off Kilter Kilts is the place to go.

The Cosplay characters kept us entertained throughout the day. From one of my favorite movies, The Rocketeer, Caesar was telling me how he built the rockets out of lobster buoys. Poison Ivy and other cartoon cosplay characters pictured above.

The guy at this booth turned these comic figures into Shadow boxes. Very Cool.

You cant end a comic-con without meeting a Captain Jack Sparrow or the Heroines Wonder Woman or Spiderwoman.
Well there you have it.. I have to say, I think I may have to become a Cosplayer for next years Revolution here in Ontario, California.
I couldn't make this possible without the help of my wife, and friends. Once again, we want to thank #InlandEmpireExplorer,  and Uber for the rides.
Day 2 coming soon! Much more fun and lots more Cosplayers!
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