Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Hello Again! We decided to do a blog about our visit to the Comic Con Revolution at the Ontario Convention Center this past weekend. We enjoyed Saturdays event so much, we came back for more on Sunday.
When we last left you hanging, I believe there was a Spidey Cosplayer on the last picture. I had asked one of the Cosplay people as we were entering the convention if we could take her picture for our blog. Sadly I did not catch her real name. I hope she will see this blog. I believe her character was Spiderwoman Gwendolyn.
What a great way to start the day off with the Amazing Spiderman cosplayers. Thank you mystery girl.
Once we went inside we visited as many booths as possible, hoping to meet the voice of the Batman animated series (Kevin Conroy).
Well no such luck, as he was either at lunch or on a panel.
It felt as if I had jumped into Doc Brown's time machine and went back to the 1980's.

The Flux capacitor was Fluxing.
We started seeing Cosplay characters from those great 1980's movies like Ghostbusters, Space Balls and The Empire Strikes back.

 Who you gonna call?

She was a long lost sister of Barf half- Dog half Woman= Wog?
As we jumped forward we ran into a couple of science officer Vulcans. as we went on our way, they said in unison "Live long and Prosper"
We stopped somewhere in the 90's and caught up with a Stormtrooper and the Dalek and Big Foot.

Upon re-entry to the convention center we were back!!

As I had mentioned in part one of the blog, (If you are reading this first, you need to read part 1 to know what we are talking about.) The people who have this amazing ability to create a costume from cloth, plastic, and rubber is truly cool. Cosplay can be for any age. I saw tiny Darth Vader's kids all the way to the elderly, boys and girls, women and men. I saw Pixar's Mr. Carl Fredricksen, complete with his cane with tennis balls and Dug the Dog.

Please remember you can click on our pictures to make them larger.
It seemed that Marvel and DC ruled the Cosplay fashion.
There were a few Dark Horse comic characters as well as Harry Potter.
There were a few of our friends that were here, and we made new ones. I want to thank Bri_Firefly and Harleyquinn_penguin for allowing us to take their pictures. you can find them on Instagram.

We ran into Negan from The Walking Dead  and TRON Legacy's Daft Punk among others. One of my wife's favorites was Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.

And call me nostalgic but I liked the Captain America and the other Marvel characters and Batman and Wonder Woman.


Lets not forget Star Wars Characters.

Boba fett
Yes there were all types of costumes and even art from Disney artists. TV characters from shows like Science Fiction Theater 3000. Joker and D&D is coming out with movies next year. The Cosplayer couldn't tell me much only that he is some kind of a pirate. Yes, Thor and the Green Lantern were there as well. And speaking of children, how about seeing ET in a milk crate. The theme music played as he walked!

Well, We hope you enjoyed our blog and once again I want to thank IE Explorer for the tickets, and our friend who is an Uber Driver.
UberMan with Eleven from Stranger Things.
 And to all of our followers, thanks and keep watching for more to come.
(please stay to the end of the credits)........
Yes we saved the best for last. As we started our blog for Sunday with a Spider-Man Universe, We are ending it one too. Actress Maitland Ward.
Thank you so much, I know it was a long day and I had asked you for a picture. She very nice and funny, and at the time I thought she was just another Cosplayer. I found out later she is a Actress.

See you at the next Con or Disney event!