Tuesday, May 19, 2015

ETTT A CHAT WITH DISNEYLAND MUSICIAN RAGTIME ROBERT part of our Interviews with Disneyland Resort Musicians

Hello and welcome to our Blog, Tonight we have a interview with Ragtime Robert Glenn. You can find him playing at Coke Corner in Disneyland.

ETTT:1, At what age did you learn to play a Instrument, Is it the same one you play now?

Robert answered: I started piano at 4
ETTT: 2, How many instruments do you play and what is your main instrument?

Robert`s reply is: I play piano and can play organ a bit and I sing.
ETTT: 3, Who or what inspired you to play or sing?

 RG:   My parents and grandparents were musical.
Robert and his Dad
Robert and his Mom and her dog

ETTT: 4, Have you been in any bands with famous performers?

RG:  I have performed with many famous people but not in a band always as an accompanist.

ETTT: 5, When did you start working for or at the Disney company?
RG:  2006

ETTT: 6, If you have any children, Do they take after you and play a instrument or Sing?

RG:  I have two children. my son learned trombone in HS my daughter is not musical but she loves her daddy performing.

ETTT: 7, How many "FRIENDS" do you know at the parks ,and where do you hang out with them?

RG: I don't socialize outside of Disney. I have a rather private life away from work. My socializing is all at the park on stage and backstage. I'm not a character per se. 
I'm only me however I have performed with Mickey and Minnie, Cruella, Evil Queen. Queen of Hearts Dee and Dum, Hook, Peter, Wendy, Alice Hatter, Mary and Bert, Cinderella, Goofy, Chip and Dale, Aladdin and Jasmine and Genie.

ETTT: 8, What New and exciting plans are in store for you in the Future, Do you teach a musical instrument? 
RG:   I teach piano. I have this show on May 30th, I'm performing with a barbershop quartet in Dana Point and I'm recreating my bar nights in June also, an evening called Rainbow Night. I am invited twice a year for give a musical lecture at Chapman College 
 ETTT: 9, Where did you grow up and do you have any other siblings that sing or play a instrument?
RG:  I grew up in Whittier and La Mirada. I have a sister who took lessons and was very good but she didn't stay with it.
ETTT: 10,Do you want to add anything about the 60th? I did want to ask, What is your favorite Ride at the parks or place to eat?
RG: My 60th year on the bench show is a lot of what I did before Disney and little bit of Disney as well. Lots of vocals and fun material that evening,
My favorite ride Star Tours, then Space Mountain. Favorite place to eat is Flo's.
Robert having fun on Space Mountain

ETTT 11: Would you like to include a Link from your website, that I can include in the blog.
Here are some pictures of Ragtime Robert when he isn't playing Piano.
Robert said this is his dad my son my daughter in law and my grandson

Robert`s Daughter and grandchildren

ETTT:12, And the last question of the night, What is your favorite Disney song?
RG: A tie between Cruella de Vil and when you wish upon a star.

Once again I want to Thank Robert for taking time out of his busy schedule to do this interview with us.
Stay tuned for more interviews with Disneyland Resort Musicians.


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