Friday, October 2, 2015

E Ticket Does a Interview with Dazzling Dan!

First of all, I want to thank you for taking time to do this interview with "E" Ticket to Tomorrowland. We have 12 Questions.

#1 ETTT: At what age did you realized you loved the theme-parks?

DD: The moment I entered Main Gate in 1989. I was a anxious 8 year old waiting to turn the turnstiles. The main gate man looks at me , gives me a Mickey Mouse Button in secret and whispered in my ear "Only really special people get one of these buttons". Then he winked. My jaw dropped cause I was in Aww. This guy made me feel like the coolest kid in the world. Immediately I was in LOVE with DISNEYLAND Park.

#2 ETTT: Have you always worked for the Disneyland Resort? when did you start?

DD: On my 18th birthday I applied to work at the Disneyland Resort. My Cast member journey began in Main Street store operations.

#3 ETTT: What was your first job?

DD: My first job was to put on some Mickey Mouse gloves and start waving at guests.
"As soon as the guests approach you, you give them a "High Four" - My Disney trainer.

#4 ETTT: Would you recommend anyone  to work at the parks?

DD: I recommend the entire world to come to work at the Disneyland Resort. The Company pays you to be happy?  Come on , what else do you need? I loved every minute of my time as a Cast Member.

#5 ETTT: What is your favorite ride at Disneyland?

DD: My favorite Disneyland ride I called " The cast member journey" Holy Cow. Being a Disneyland Cast member is the most fun you will ever have. My ride lasted 15 years. Wooooooooo!!! :)

#6 ETTT: What will you miss most , now that you have a new goal?

DD: I am going to miss all the education that Disney provides to all the Cast members. They allow you to meet new people from all over the world. This place is all about safety and a healthy lifestyle. I lost 32 pounds just cause I was getting taught how to make good food choices at Disney. Schools should be designed like Disneyland.

Daniel Nava a.k.a. Dazzling Dan:
We did not finish this interview as I know how emotional these can be. We wish you luck on your new adventure Dazzling Dan.
Thank you for the small interview. :) Good Bless

 When guests would visit the parks, They wanted their pictures taken with two Icons, Mickey Mouse and Daniel Nava!!
I remember I was at the Press pass event , Red Carpet Lone Ranger event and There he was on the Red Carpet with his tiny Hat. He worked as a lead with my wife at WOD. and she said he was a Great guy.
DCA will miss him, as I am sure his friends do too.
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