Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mad Imaginear on the loose!! Building my own Disneyland Theme park.

Hello Friends...
Many have asked me lately, why have we not seen any posts about Disneyland or even the Shanghai Disneyland?
Well, I have been busy working at a new job.

I have not had time to get to the parks in Anaheim, CA.

But since I cannot go at the moment, I've decided to build my own Disneyland.
I have always wanted to work for the theme parks, as a Imaginear. But since I haven't achieved that yet.
I will build my own park with a working railroad.
I will post pictures of the progress.
I have decided to build it in the scales of Z and N.
The layout is 44" X 36" so you can see I don't have much room to work with.

Started with a drawing
Bought a board, but then found out it was too small, so I added more.

built the loop with 2 power packs to run two engines at the same time.

I was not happy with the way Main Street Station came out.

Added hedges and grass.

Added brick walkways

put in some Ballast

Side view of Station.

Bachmann 4-4-0 N scale engine, Turned into the #1 Disneyland Engine

cut out overlay of the Flowered Mickey Mouse

Drew it in so I could glue in the color flowers.

Atlas 4-4-0 Engine  Excursion passenger car and what will be converted into the Lilly Belle car.
Some of the paper models of Main Street USA

A overhead picture, still adding black foam board.

You can make all pictures larger by clicking on them.

Yes those are Subs from the Battleship board game.
IHC N Scale Working Carrousel, Painted to look like the King Arthur one.

a Closer look.

Removed the paper Main St. put in N scale ceramic village buildings. 

Was not happy, so remade Main St. in a smaller size.

Found a website, that has G scale paper models, of Disneyland I scaled them down.

I will be adding the Sleeping Beauty Castle and Space Mountain.
Just added a mash up of two rides. Disneyland Sub Lagoon and Memo Sub's.
Please remember You can click on the pictures to see them bigger.
This is a scratch built Model layout in N scale of Disneyland.
I hope you have enjoyed the pictures, and I will add more later.
Thanks for looking, and please share this blog. 

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