Tuesday, August 9, 2016


We went to Disneyland this past Sunday 8/7/2016 and talked with some of the engineers, One had showed us how the track had looked before the renovation of the Rivers of America and new Star Wars Land area.

And showed us the new track layout as seen in the picture above.
He said the new layout with have a bit of a upward climb leading to a trestle where the railroad will cross over the river. I asked him if this will make it a shorter trip around the park. He said actually it will be a longer  and slower trip due to the turns and the climb. Did you know that the track has been changed a few times before? yes the original tracks back in 1955, ran right behind Casey Jr.s Railroad. and then was changed when they added The Haunted Mansion and It's a Small World. So I guess it is always changing as Walt Disney once said himself. "Disneyland will never be finished as long as there is Imagination still left in the world"

I asked the engineer if they would be building a tunnel under Star Wars Land, Like how they have it where you run through Splash Mountain. He said he wasn't sure, But had heard a rumor that they may have a tunnel that would run through the same area where Natures Wonderland once was. like the tunnel you could see when walking from Frontierland towards Fantasyland.

After that I got to sit in the cab of the #1  4-4-0 engine " C.K. Holliday and chatted with Engineer Cara, She was well informed about the steam engines that run on the tracks. she showed me all the gauges and switches that run the engine, She told me that the C.K. Holliday had just come back from being re-furbished 2 days after they closed the ride. so the engine has not been run and wont be until next summer 2017.

I have ridden in the coal car seat before and noticed the gauges were missing, they were set up to look like a Hidden Mickey. They now have a Tachometer in front of the older gauges. I have always wanted to pull the bell cord, But she said rules and regulations do not allow guests to do that, as there might be someone on the tracks that they cannot see. therefore they don't want to scare them, if the train might be running. she said there is a Train at each station, Main Street (where I was) New Orleans Square, and Tomorrowland. Not at Mickey's Toontown as that is too close to the construction area. I then got to get some up-close pictures of the engine.
I want to Thank my wife for getting me a birthday present of "The Lillybelle" Tickets.

We also had gone to Club 33 that day for our wedding Anniversary, later that day we ran into "George" and his friends who had been earlier that day at Walt Disney's Barn. I started talking to him and we traded. He gave me his sticker, and I gave him a napkin from Club 33. Thanks George

I want to thank all the Engineers who helped us on Sunday.
I would also like to dedicate this blog to one of the most beloved and friendliest Cast Members, who was a Train Conductor and a Motorcar and Omnibus driver on Main Street. He passed away a few months back, as Cancer cut his journey short. You will be missed. Vern P. Smith

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