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Just announced this morning Coming Soon to Walt Disney World 7 Confirmed Refurbishments

The Walt Disney World Parks are constantly changing their refurbishment schedules, making it difficult for guests to keep up with the operating times and latest news regarding their favorite attractions, resorts, shops, and restaurants. Here are a few big, upcoming changes that are either confirmed by their respective parks or at the least very strongly rumored for the very near future.
For August's refurbishment update, we take a look at a number of refurbishments happening at the Magic Kingdom in the coming weeks, plus the annual water park refurbishment dates are confirmed for 2016. However, let's first take a look at a refurbishment happening outside the theme parks...

1. Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf

Status: Confirmed
Dates: August 1-2 and 1-10, 2016
The two halves of Disney's Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf course will be closed for a few days each early this month. The Fairways course will close on August 1 through to August 2, reopening to guests on August 3 2016. The Gardens course will also close on August 1, but will remain closed through to August 10, with an expected reopening to guests on August 11th. During these brief closures, the greens will be cleaned up, and there will probably be some paint re-touches done around the course as well

2. Celebrate the Magic (Magic Kingdom) ty for pic Disney Parks Blog.

Status: Confirmed
Dates: August 5-31, 2016
The Magic Kingdom's nightly Celebrate the Magic castle projection show will be closing for refurbishment in just a few days on beginning on August 5th. This show will then not be performed for nearly a month, and is expected to tentatively return to Cinderella Castle on August 31st. Though no reason was immediately given for this lengthy closure, insiders suggest that new projectors are being installed for this show, which should bring the projection quality of this show up to that of Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular, which is now playing at Disney's Hollywood Studios. This is definitely a good thing, as the projection quality used in this show put Celebrate the Magic to shame.
3. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ( Magic Kingdom) ty Disney Parks.


Status: Confirmed

Dates: August 8- November 18, 2016
Though this refurbishment was originally supposed to take place this past spring, the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at the Magic Kingdom is now set to close for a lengthy three month refurbishment beginning in just a few days. While we don't know exactly what changes will be taking place during this time, the lengthy downtime implies that some pretty major improvements are in the works for this attraction.
It's worth mentioning that Disneyland's version of Big Thunder Mountain got some serious upgrades back in 2014 which included new track, projection effects and a complete overhaul of the third lift show scene. Though the Disneyland refurbishment lasted over a year, the Magic Kingdom could simply copy some of these improvements with relative ease, especially the projection elements and the changes to the show scenes. However, it's also equally likely that this version is just getting an extensive clean-up that will last nearly three months. No matter what the case is, we'll at least know by mid-November what is going on with this classic Magic Kingdom ride, unless Disney decides to make an announcement (which is always possible).
photo credit to DVC rentals

Status: Confirmed
Dates: August 22 - September 15, 2016
Another refurbishment coming to the Magic Kingdom that we've known about for some time is for It's a Small World. Though its a bummer that this attraction is going to be closing soon, It's a Small World has been in need of some attention recently, with several of its animatronics and effects malfunctioning on a daily basis. While we wouldn't expect much in the way of "big" upgrades for this attraction, there is quite a lot that needs to be cleaned up, which justifies the long refurbishment time. Though it might be a little depressing to go without the Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed for almost a month, when this attraction re-opens in mid-September, it'll probably look better than it has in years!
 5. Grand Slam Pool (Disney's All Star Sports Resort) photo credit WDWmagic

Status: Confirmed
Dates: October 10 - December 02, 2016
Like most resort pools, the Grand Slam Pool at Disney's All-Star Sports Resort needs some TLC from time to time. And it looks like this small, baseball-themed pool will be getting some attention this fall when it closes for refurbishment in mid-October. The main pool at this resort will continue to remain open during this refurbishment, and when this pool reopens it will probably still look very familiar to guests.
6. Blizzard Beach (the whole park)photo credit worldofwalt.
Status: Confirmed
Dates: October 23 - December 24, 2016
Walt Disney World's water parks close every year for regular maintenance, and 2016 will be no different. This year, Blizzard Beach will be the first of the two parks to be refurbished, closing in mid-October for two months. This lengthily closure in in line with other closures from recent years,  and should give Disney time to drain the pools and clean everything up at this park just in time for Christmas.
7.Typhoon Lagoon (the whole park) photo credit DisneyWorld.go

Status: Confirmed
Dates: December 25, 2016 - March 11, 2017
And just as soon as Blizzard Beach reopens, Typhoon Lagoon will be closing for its own refurbishment on Christmas day. This refurbishment will be a bit longer, with the park remaining closed nearly three months until mid-March. The reason this closure is a lot longer than that of Blizzard Beach is likely because when this park re-opens it will have a new family river ride. Though this new ride still hasn't been confirmed by Disney, internal permits suggest that this project is indeed moving forward, and we'd say that this long refurbishment time is pretty much proof that this new slide will be open by next spring.

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