Sunday, June 30, 2013

Disney`s Newest Hatter Rocks Wonderland @ the Mad T Party

He has only been on the stage  for two nights and the Crowds are going crazy for the Newest hatter to join the Mad T party band. He fits right in with his band members just  like all the other Hatters, But He has some Beat Box Moves that drive the women in the crowds Crazy. We have been to many of the Mad T party concerts and the crowds loved the songs and acts, But This time it was much different. It was a Very hot and sticky night. But I don't think the crowds cared as long as they Got their Hatter.

As Usual Dormouse Created his own unique style of Greatness on the stage,  Alice was on Fire as she burned up the stage, March Hare was bouncing everywhere, Caterpillar was melting those keys and Cheshire cat  was Blasting his drums like a cannon. The White Rabbit D.J. had some new tunes that got the crowds dancing. Then there was the new act Dueling Queens.

 All in all We had a Great Night. Thanks to the crew at Disney for creating such a Wonderland at Disney California Adventure Park.
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