Sunday, October 20, 2013

A follow up on the 1983 30 year Class Reunion of Upland High School.

Last night  was a blast as I got to go to my 30th yr. Class reunion, Yes I know this Isn't  a Disney blog, Sorry This is a Follow up on the blog I posted earlier searching for lost classmates, Well I do think that I reached out to a few of you.
It was Great seeing all my old friends that I haven't seen in 30 plus years, It was great meeting their husbands and wives too! If I gave you my blog card Please keep in touch. Lets Not wait another 10 years. I want to give a special thanks to Mrs. Shannon (Bradley) Colleary and her Husband Michael and to Leslie (Chambers) Hogan. For the special Gifts they gave us. Some of you may follow another blogger, #thewomanformerlyknownasbeautiful

Here are the pictures from the Reunion. Please share and feel free to re-post this blog on you're Facebook pages.
Steve Ristaino & Carla Wolf

Mitchell Capalbo & Carla Wolf

Ken Hunt & Curt Sautter , and Friends

William Skimina, Mitchell Capalbo, Beth Weiss Ciemiewicz, Sandra Lemmer.

Nella Abrenica Cushmann & Mitchell Capalbo

Jill Richardson ,Mitchell Capalbo, Debbi Smith.

Gisele Tackoor Dancing in the blue dress.

Jill Hisey, Cathy Roumeliotis-Snow, Rebecca Prostler Ustick McCann and Kathy Kipp.

Dan Powell and his Wife

Joseph Brown and Steve (Sterling) Ristaino

Nancy A Beaudoin Cooper, Bonnie Mearns Ritchey and Curt Sautter.

Curt Sautter,Dr. Steve Sabo, and Mitchell Capalbo

James Ausley,Shannon (Bradley) Colleary and Michael Colleary.

Marc Rohaly and Terry Johnson.

Greg Cooper.

All alone as she sent me out to mingle and take Pictures. Carla Wolf

It was Really Fun, I enjoyed spending Time with friends I haven't seen in years. Like Dan Fitzgerald, and Many others..

We will return next week back to your Favorite Disney Blog.
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