Saturday, August 15, 2015


Yesterday was amazing, right from the start and all the way to the finish of the Expo August 14th 2015.
as we entered the parking structure we were greeted by two nice women , one was dressed as R2D2 she even lit up. and the other was Princess Leia. We entered the main lobby to get our D23 Books and Bags. ( you can make the photos larger just by clicking on them.)

It was around 10:30 am at this point.
Once inside , We headed to the center stage to try to win some cool stuff, Then off to check out the exhibits.
Newlyweds, We are your "E" Ticket to Tomorrowland writers.

I would of had to be laying on the ground for this Hidden Mickey.

First stop Star Wars , The Force Awakens costumes.

Then we Saw Captain Jack Sparrow's costume, Little did we know that Johnny Depp was at D23 Expo being inducted into the Disney Legends as a Surprise Guest.

As we were heading to the next set of Costumes from Tim Burton's Alice through the looking glass. We came across some Cosplay  people, (We tried to get as many pictures of people that were dressed up) I got my picture taken with Cassie Wanda, she made the dress she was wearing for a Tracy Hines Video, But she kept it. Her company is called Glimmerwood. and Tinkerbell was there as well. They were both very nice to us.

Here are the costumes to the New Tim Burton sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Well it was High noon and I was getting hungry, We saw that the Pizza Planet driver had left his truck in the middle of the showroom and I was going to get a pizza from him. :)

Carla had found the most beautiful Princess and wanted her picture taken with Cinderella.

Cinderella was there with Oogie Boogie husband and their baby.

We then stopped at one of my favorite exhibitors booth. with Michael Broggie.

A few months back I was asked if I could write a blog concerning the restoration of The Musical Score of Snow White and the seven Dwarfs.

I spoke to the head person yesterday RUSS. but we had also spoken to a nice man who also works for the Disney Music Emporium, But we didn't catch his name (If you are reading this) Please get in touch with my wife on the E ticket card we gave you.

We then headed to the past Disneyland Archives There was a Red Skyway Bucket on display, but you could get your picture taken in it, That brought back some good memories. along with other large pictures of Disneyland Icons.

After that we headed upstairs to sit in on a conversation with Walt Disney's 1st Ambassador to Disneyland 1965. Julie Reim Casaletto. She told us stories about how nice Walt was, and that she was almost always working with him. She said they were in the park one day , and a Over joyed 20 yr. old man had come up to Walt and asked if he could sign his Autograph book. Walt said Sure! the man said Thank you and apologized for taking up his time as he was sure Walt was very Busy. Walt turned to Julie and said, Always stop and talked to guests as we are never to busy  for them, as we are nothing without our fans.
She then told us a story about how She was writing Thank you notes and Walt walked in and said, Julie what are you doing? she replied writing Thank you notes. Walt said I can send my Secretary over to do that for you, as you know I have two!
Julie said She had helped with a certain Movie that was being made in the 1960`s Walt Disney's Jungle Book. One Day Walt came to Julie and he had told her about the bear in the movie, But he said he did not want a Brown or Black bear, But something different. He asked Julie what color she thinks the bear should be, She said Blue is good, Walt agreed and took her to a board with colors, different shades of blue, and asked her to pick the color. She chose one and Walt said. Perfect. Baloo!!
After that I went to use the restroom and Carla was sitting waiting for me, when I returned she said she saw Leonard Maltin. we then went downstairs to eat. while we were waiting line We saw Captain Jack Sparrow (Andrew), and Captain EO (Mike).

We saw a cavalcade of Cosplay characters coming down the escalator as you can see in these pictures.

Back into the main Hall where we went to meet Artist's Authors and Friends we had made from the 2013 Expo. Plus We met the one and only Cindy Morgan, (Yori Lives) and Karen Dotrice (Best known as Jane Banks from Mary Poppins) We met up with Todd (Dusty Sage) from Mice chat, Artists Mike Paraza and James C Mulligan, who was doing some final touchups on a customers Ariel painting. We saw our friend Heather Theurer, and Sam Gennawey and Nancy Temple Rodrigue.


We were coming to the end of our day at D23 Expo and we decided to meet up with some friends from Window to the Magic , over at Trader Sam's. But I wanted to get a few more pictures of all the great costumes people were wearing.
I want to thank all of them for stopping and letting me take pictures with them, Like the Sanderson Sisters. and Well I know it wasn't wearing a costume and It took time off from scaring riders in the Matterhorn. Yeti!! He won 1st prize. Thank you Anna and Snow White.

 Well It is Official Disneyland is Getting a new land Star Wars!!

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