Saturday, March 25, 2017


I was in a vintage Disneyland group on Facebook tonight, somebody had asked what do people collect?

I went to my drawer where I keep my vintage Disneyland Park maps and entrance tickets. I had responded:
Wow!! I just took a trip down memory lane.
Before I met my wife, I thought I was Disney's biggest fan. I was wrong.
The 1st set of pictures are what I collected from Disneyland starting around 1979 - 2005.

What we are about to show you is just a small collection of what we have, and is not including, Theme park hotel blankets, Monorail toy sets, Disneyland and Walt Disney World HO train sets, Metal Lunch box's, Movie posters, Collectible Signed and numbered 30th Anniversary Posters, and So much more.

Do you remember going to the parks and having to but ticket books with tickets that were labeled A,B,C,D,E Yes this is how we got the name for our blog. the "E" Ticket was for the thrill rides.
I also asked my parents if I could keep the parking ticket stub at the end of the day. Let me remind you, I had to fight off four other brothers for that ticket.

After a few years they said here you keep the entrance tickets and the Park maps. Little did I know, they would be asking me to see what bands were playing and where.

When I was old enough to go on my own, I started collecting the maps. but The best time I had was Grad night 1983. I got to see Berlin. They played on Tom Sawyer's Island.
Who here remembers the band, PAPA Doo Run Run? Les Brown and his Band of Renown, or KRASH.

My books share the vintage rides that are long gone  like Inner space, or Country Bear Jamboree. They featured New rides like Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain. Refurbished lands, and so on.

One day I was working in Corona Ca. and this little old lady came into our Family owned music store, looking for some sheet music. She was wearing a white beret with a diamond studded Mickey Mouse on it. I said I liked her hat. She told me that she had worked with Walt Disney and that she was his 1st!
I thought wow that is kind of odd too tell someone, Until she explained who she was and what she meant by that.
She asked Have you ever watched "The Alice Comedy's" ?
I said yes. then she told me she was Alice.  I was honored to of met her, someone who actually worked with my Hero Walt Disney.
Her name was Virginia Davis. I had to get a autograph from her, so I grabbed my only Disney item in my wallet a Mickey's Halloween Treat $19.00 Pass ticket. she signed it. :)

So as I was telling you I thought I was a big Disney fan, Then My wife put me to shame. as you can see just a small part of her collection of Books, Video's,  DVD's, Artwork, Movie Posters, Toys, Books oh Yes I did say Books lol.

This is our place, The Black Hole
Sorry that a few of the pictures came out blurry, Remember you can click on them to enlarge them.
I hope you have enjoyed a small part of out look into collecting Disney Items and hope you will comment on what you collect.
Thanks for following our Disney blog.

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