Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Book Nook In Tomorrowland Review: The Art Of Minnie Mouse From Disney Editions

One of the most famous quotes by Walt Disney is "It All Started With A Mouse". This is true, but it is actually TWO mice that helped Walt start on his journey. "When you look back across the decades of Minnie's career, It's apparent she has always been able to hold her own as a unique personality. Even today,With recent appearances in Get A Horse! (2013), The Mickey Mouse television shorts, and the Kingdom Hearts Video Games, Minnie is a thespian who performs far beyond the range of "Just" Ink and Paint. Cute, sometimes quirky, and rarely afraid to get in on the action, she's just as much an interesting character and role model now as she was in 1928 and fully capable of saving the day." Quote from Becky Cline,Director, Walt Disney Archives.
Minnie first appeared in Steamboat Willie in 1928, right along side of Mickey, and is still his steadfast companion to this day. This beautiful book is all about Minnie, and rightfully so. The first section of the book highlights her animated Filmography. From Steamboat Willie to Get A Horse! in 2013. Complete with Dates and formats. I have to say, there are appearances by her I certainly never knew about! Section Two features her Milestones. Key turning points and Milestones. This section is the most interesting in my opinion. Minnie has has a lasting legacy, and major influences on popular culture. Ub Iwerks originally drew Both Minnie And Mickey, and Walt himself was the original voice of Minnie. This chapter captures information on their first dance, as well as first kiss! In chronological order, with dates and lots of photos, this is the highlight of the read for me. The origin for the ever stylish Mouse ears, is contributed to the Mickey Mouse Club, Where the girls wore a style with the bow on top. This chapter includes various milestones, including Minnie Moo, Disney Dollars, Toontown, And of course, the latest feature Rock The Dots! Which kicked off in 2016. You can currently find those fabulous Minnie Mouse Dots on all kinds of merchandise everywhere in the Parks!
Section Three is a gallery of Minnie Mouse inspired art, from the Artists of Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media. I have chosen just a few to show you, I can honestly say that every artist has done a beautiful job of capturing Minnie and her elegant, sometimes quirky style in their works.
Diana Tran
Gabriela Zapata
Jeffrey Thomas
Jeff Shelley
Robert Farrell I have to say, I truly love the Pirate Minnie. The tightrope walking Minnie is a close second! I have to tell you, Minnie fan or Disney Fan, this book is a must have for anyone who loves Disney history. From Animation, to fashion to general popular culture, this is a stand out book for sure! You can find this book online, by Disney Publishing, and bookstores everywhere. Next time in my Book Nook Reviews...Disney Parks Maps!
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