Sunday, May 7, 2017

Visiting with one of the original Disney Stores

How many of you, couldn't wait to go visit the Newest sensation. A Disney Store coming to a mall near you?
I know I couldn't.
When I would visit it, It would seem like a Small Emporium on Main Street U. S. A. at Disneyland.
I bought my 1st Annual Pass there, and Many many VCR tapes,that came with a watch and a lithograph.
Most of the figures and scenes moved. Like the propellers on the plane. Or Alice in the Wonderland scene.
Now 40 years later the only scene that still moves is the Little Mermaid.
I talked to the management and they said the store is going to be renovated, but they will restore the figures and get them moving again.
They will keep the same kind of Theme, just updated.
It was a nice day visiting our favorite place, The Disney Store.

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