Friday, June 30, 2017

New Pirates Set to Join the Crew of Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Paris July 24

I am not fond of the changes that will be coming to the Walt Disney World and the original Disneyland attraction Pirates of the Caribbean.
If something works, these past 50 years. Why change it?

So if you went back in time, would you make the pirates change their ways, Yes It is not a good thing to buy a person, But that is what they did in the past. And if Walt Disney and Marc Davis saw it like that for the attraction, Then why change it?

I have seen a lot of remarks on Facebook, including some from me. I think they have changed the ride enough, I was okay with the changes of Capt. Jack Sparrow.  Not so much with the women chasing the pirates, But I can live with that.
Once again this is just My opinion, not anyone else's on the writing staff here at the e-ticket blog.
Disney executives, Please don't destroy my favorite ride, You already did that so I cannot ride the Matterhorn Bobsleds.

Now for the people who are wondering what I am talking about, here is the article from Disney Parks Blog.

When Pirates of the Caribbean re-opens at Disneyland Paris on July 24, guests will discover new surprises as well as a band of new buccaneers. The blockbuster “Pirates of the Caribbean” films provided the inspiration for our Imagineering team to come up with new twists and turns in our story, and a chance to introduce new characters and magic to this classic attraction.

Captain Barbossa, from the blockbuster films, will appear in the attraction for the first time, joining a skeletal crew in a scene unique to Disneyland Paris. Also, ghostly visages of Davy Jones and Blackbeard will warn that “dead men DO tell tales!”
Throughout the attraction, we’ve enhanced the show with new Audio-Animatronics figures, costumes, special effects, lighting and sound, including some of the now-classic musical themes from the films. Of course, the classic “A Pirates Life for Me!” song will continue to underscore the attraction.

You’ll even discover that a familiar character is playing a new role joining the pirates ranks and helping the local townspeople “unload” their valuables at the Mercado auction. In the U.S., this famous redhead will appear in a similar scene at the Magic Kingdom Park and Disneyland park in 2018 following a previously scheduled refurbishment. Click here to view an artist’s rendering of the new Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort scenes.
Disneyland Paris guests will also discover some changes to the Blue Lagoon Restaurant, re-opening as Captain Jack’s. It seems that Captain Jack won the restaurant in a wager and is now welcoming pirates of all ages to relax over a drink and hot meal. The interior of the restaurant has been re-themed and the establishment has been staffed with a fun-loving band of pirates.
The adventures set sail on July 24 in Adventureland at Disneyland Paris.

My last two cents. If you too are mad about these changes, Please leave a comment below.
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