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Hello Terrianne Butac, How are you this evening? we are glad you could stop by for this interview.
(Credit goes to Terrianne for this photo)

ETTT: 1,How did you become interested in music and dancing like at what age?
Terrianne: I started taking dance classes at the young are of Five. My parents put me in soccer before that and they quickly realized that my love for soccer went as far as picking at the weeds instead of playing the game. I fell in love with dance instantly and knew that I wanted to be a dancer when I grew up.
(Pictured: Terrianne Butac, Levi Curtis, Alyssa Chavarria, Alexa Diaz, Katy Talon, Noelle Berry, Mandy Coulton)

ETTT: 2, What year did you start to Dancing, and did you work just local clubs, weddings before working for Disney?
Terrianne: Working in the Aladdin show was my very first professional job in California. I moved out from Hawaii in 2006 to attend Chapman University. I dropped out after my 2nd year to pursue my passion for performing. The summer of 2008, I went to an audition at Screenland Studios for Disney World's Christmas show. From that audition I was considered for Aladdin and was offered a contract that fall.

(Matt Pablo Photography Pictured: Terrianne Butac, Reinold Butac, Anne Butac, Ryan Butac)

ETTT: 3, What parts do you play in the Musical Aladdin show at DCA?
Terrianne: I play all the dancer tracks in the show except the role of Carpet.

ETTT: 4, Have you worked at any Award shows?
Terrianne:  I have not done any award shows.

ETTT: 5, Do you have any children? and will they be getting into the same field of work you are in?

Terrianne: At the moment I do not have any children, In the future I hope that my children will have an interest in the entertainment Industry, but will support them in anything they decide to pursue.
(Jerrie Ann Kiyokawa Pictured: Jodie Kiyokawa and Terrianne Butac)

ETTT: 6, Have you ever worked on a cruise ship?
Terrianne: I haven't worked on a cruise ship. I have had interest in it over the years but it has never been the right time.

ETTT: 7, What is your favorite food at the theme parks?

Terrianne: I absolutely LOVE the pickle popcorn from the Cozy Cone Motel! Popcorn is always my food of choice at the park.

ETTT: 8, Do you play any musical instruments? What are your Favorite Rides at the Disneyland Resort and How sad are you about the closing of the Aladdin? 

Terrianne: I play the Ukulele a little bit. I took lessons when I was younger and occasionally pick up my Ukulele and play if I'm at home.
My favorite ride is on DCA side. I love Toy Story Mania!! I have to play it every time I come to the park.
I am so sad that the show is closing. I have been with Aladdin since 2008, I grew up in the theater. Everyone is family to me especially since my family is all back in Hawaii. I've never met people like this before and knowing we won.t have our home base at the Hyperion Theater anymore is devastating. ( a side note, You can catch Terrianne at the Hyperion Theater now through January 10th 2016) before the show closes.
( Terrianne Butac took this photo )

ETTT: 9, What is your Favorite Disney Song?
Terrianne: My favorite Disney song comes from my favorite Disney Movie, Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride.

ETTT: 10, Who inspired you to become a Dancer? 

Terrianne: The Dancers that I would see on the music videos on MTV were my inspiration when I was little. I remember watching the videos and...

ETTT: Just a note you may of seen Terrianne Butac also dancing at these other shows at DCA, Hottest Deck in Town Diamond Mad T Party, Freeze the night (last Year), She was also in the Opening cast of the Disney Channel Rocks!, Disney dance crew, Dj dance and drive and she was in one of my favorite shows that closed to make room for the Mad T Party,  The closing cast of elecTRONica.

(Nicole Pictured: David morris & Terrianne Butac )

 (Not sure who took this Pictured: Mad T Party Dancers & Choreographers)

I want to thank you Terrianne Butac for taking time out of your busy day and night to answer some questions for our blog. we want to wish you Happy Holidays.

We would like to give credit to these people ( Terrianne Butac, Justin Wilcox, Hana Bible, Dylan White, Cassandra Murphy, Sam Pablo, Michael Lopez, Lance Smith 2. Matt Pablo Photography Pictured: Me, Reinold Butac, Anne Butac, Ryan Butac 3. Terrianne Butac 4. Jerrie Ann Kiyokawa Pictured: Jodie Kiyokawa ) for the beautiful photographs. You can always click on them to make the picture larger.
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