Wednesday, September 14, 2016


A while back I put up a poll on what you wanted to see more of, Many of you asked for pictures from the past of Disneyland.
I went to Disneyland at least twice a year when I was a kid, Our parents would take all five of us brothers. We would enter the park via the Monorail at the Monorail CafĂ© during the winter. As my dad would go to the NAMM show in January. and send my mom and us to Disneyland.
My dad would then join us around 6pm , so he could watch the live bands play at Carnation Plaza, and under Space Mountain stage (sorry I cannot remember the name). and over at the Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square.

And we would go in the summer close to my birthday in August. We would then see the bands that played at Tomorrowland Terrace and the Parades and a Must see Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks.
I will take you on a tour from the past and then bring you up to speed in the future, Well 1980's.
Unfortunately I will be using other peoples pictures as all the family photos were split up between my 4 other brothers, for some reason I didn't end up with Disneyland pictures, I got the Knott's Berry Farm pictures.
So I would like to thank these people now. Gorillasdontblog, Davesblogland, Yesterland, DisneyGoblog, Disneylandblog, and Google Images. But most of all I want to thank Walt Disney for creating the Park for his daughters and us.
So lets start at the Main Street Station. Travel back in time . There are a lot of pictures, which means there will be seven blogs, not including this one.
We will visit rides from the past, rides that have been revamped or taken out of the park.
I will also try to find pictures of classic Mickey Mouse Balloons, Parades, Places to eat, Bands, Stages merchandise.
I thought I would just give you a small preview of what is in store.


Remember, you can always just click on the picture to make them larger.
Stay tuned for Part one of this Adventure through time.
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