Monday, October 3, 2016


How many of you remember your parents driving right up to the front entrance of Disneyland?
and if they parked farther back, riding on the blue and yellow tram.

Once you got in, did you stop at City Hall and sign in? or did you take a trip down Main street via Horseless carriage or horse drawn trolleys? either way you could get a good view of the sights and sounds of the city life.
If you look at the street lamps that line Main Street, you will notice they start out using gas to light the flame, by the time you got down to the hub the lights are electric.
One of my traditions is, when arriving I must ring the bell in the fire department below Walt's Apartment.
And visit Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.

stay tuned for more pictures from the Carnation Plaza and the Sleeping beauty's Castle.
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