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Once you cross under those railroad tracks, You leave today behind you.

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 Have you ever just walked through the stores and Ice Cream Parlor/Candy Palace? and wondered where Walt Disney got all those antiques?
The One man band a.k.a. Hurdy Gurdy, you see in the above picture was featured in a Herbie the Love Bug movie, starring Helen Hayes, Ken Berry.

This yellow auto was not used in a Burl Ives movie, Summer Magic, But the green one was. They modified the body and made it look like a truck.
Bob Gurr was one of the Imagineers who designed all of the Main Street Automobiles.

Remember The Market house?
It was the place to go when it was cold outside, get a nice hot Apple cider or my favorite Hot Chocolate. you could sit around the iron stove and get warm, or challenge your friends to a game of Checkers.
You could listen to a phone call and hear all the rage.
it was also a gift shop to buy those Disneyland souvenirs. 

Then there are those Musicians, Marching Bands, and Parades.
I know you want to see that one Parade, that everyone loved. The parade that is returning America on Parade!!

No Wait That isn't it!!
How about Main Street Electrical Parade?

 Ah, cant you just here that great synth music playing?

You just cant beat Main Street at night, Unless you were to visit Carnation Plaza Gardens. Cant you hear that Big Band music playing.
There were times back in the 1950's and early 60's you could catch Walt and Lillian Disney out on the Dance floor.
I remember when I was in Jr. High and our Jazz band got to play on the stage there.


 sigh... Now it is all gone changed, at least they still let the Swing band and dancers play there.

Main Street is a happening place anytime of the year, you can see different things pop up overnight. I noticed something very interesting. these photos were taken in 2006-08 Nobody is staring at their phones, I-pads or other electronic gadgets.
They were enjoying the park.

You can always find Disney characters, either at the entrance of the Disneyland Park or somewhere on Main Street U.S.A.
Have you ever looked up at the windows and wondered, who's names are those? Walt Disney wanted to give credit to all the people who helped build his theme park.
Next Time you are there, see how many names you recognize.

There are some famous people that have worked for Disneyland, Like Vern P. Smith (RIP). and Those Ragtime pianists Ragtime Robert Glenn and I got to meet Ragtime Rod Miller. they hang out at Coke Corner.

So our journey is coming to a close, and what better way to end it. at the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

People walk over this golden marker every day, and I wonder how many know what it is. before Mickey's Toon Town was built. That marked the middle of Disneyland.

Now which way should the next blog go?
Fantasyland? Frontierland? Adventureland? or Tomorrowland?
Only Tinkerbell will know.

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I want to give credit to all the people who helped with the vintage photo's and to my wife for taking pictures on all of our trips to the park.

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