Thursday, October 20, 2016


I asked a question a few blog post back, and many of you wanted to see pictures of Disneyland's past. so far we have traveled down Main Street U.S.A. to Sleeping Beauty's Castle. now we shall turn left and Visit Frontierland, Before there was a rollercoaster named Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
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We shall travel through those wooden fortress gates, when you could climb upstairs and aim your rifle at the enemy and fire at them. or walk down the dirt covered street to the shooting gallery.

If you were hungry, you could always visit Casa De Frito's.

Then take a ride I a stagecoach, or a Pack mule through Natures Wonderland. But then again if you just wanted to take a train ride , you could always ride the Natures Wonderland through Rainbow caverns and bear country mine train. You could also visit the Indian village.




If you were more adventurous you could take a ride on the Rivers of America on a Steam powered Paddle wheeler ( Mark Twain ) river boat.
or travel on the Sailing ship, The Columbia.

Here is something you may Never see again, when visiting the park. Columbia has it's Sails down.

If these ships were to large for you and you wanted to use some muscle.
you could climb aboard a real Indian Canoe and paddle around the river.

There were many ways to go around the river, But if you wanted to be like Huck Finn you needed to get to Tom Sawyers Island.
Only two ways to do that. The Mike Finn Keel boats and the River rafts.

Most of the Keel boats have been retired, you can see a few of them sitting beside the island.

Once on the Island , you could search for treasures, climb Castle Rock, Hide in Injun Joe's Caves, and go to Fort Wilderness or even see a settlers cabin on fire.

For the adults who wanted some music and laughter, they could head over to the Golden Horseshoe Revue, and catch Wally Boag. or the Can Can girls. or enjoy Aunt Jemimas Pancake house.

A petrified tree, Given to Lillian Disney for a Anniversary present, by Walt Disney

Next stop on our blog about Disneyland's past. Bear Country.

I would like to thank these sites : Gorillasdontblog,,Yesterland,Pintrest,OCregister,AnaheimArchives, DisneyParks,WDWMagic, Matterhorn and LIFE. for the great pictures

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